Promotion Anyone?

So you want a promotion, or at least to get ahead in your career, yet you feel like you’ve stalled – no one gives you the attention or respect you deserve. Sound familiar?

What’s a Gal Gotta Do?

Good chance it’s your communication skills. See if you are using the words below and if you are…it ain’t good.

Love Dead Air

Words like soahhh and ummm, along with I think and I mean are words we use to fill dead air while we form our thoughts. Great communicators pause to collect their thoughts – watch a TED talk and get comfortable with long pauses! (I can’t believe I referenced an F**king TED talk!)

What Do You Mean?

Are you using any of these ambiguous words – likekinda, sorta, and bunch of? What about etcetera, stuff, you know and the ever popular, you know what I mean? Remove them and similar words from your vocabulary and instead share specific details – say what you mean. Specifics convey knowledge and we all know that smart, knowledgeable women get promoted…or at least they should.

Really, Really Bad

Are you one of those women that everything is reallyvery, lots, and so much? These are the “over-the-top gals” who also use OMG and literally. STOP IT…unless you are one of the Housewives characters drumming up lots of drama when it really does not exist.

Guilty as Accused

We all say these but stay away from them in your work environment. They do not EVER sound professional – yeah, yep, yo and un-hun. They sound unintelligent or as my mom says, “like you were raised in a barn!” 

Not JK

No surprise here – IDK, LOL, and NVM. Save ‘em for your texts because WTF are you thinking if you are using these at work?!?


And last on my list – cursing! I’ll probably get the most feedback on this one. Yes, cursing is acceptable in many corporate cultures today and certainly in most social circles. As a woman in a work environment, this one is particularly tricky. If your boss is well-respected in the company, then follow your F**king boss’s lead on cursing!

Kim Martin