Part Five: Prepping to Give Feedback

How do you share informal, on-going feedback with a direct report? Before sharing feedback, confirm your employees are ready:

  • Make sure your staff knows your expectations of them.
  • Provide training and on-going direction until they are up to speed.
  • Share with them how you enjoy pointing out their successes and giving encouraging direction when needed. This exchange prepares them for receiving your feedback.

After confirming that you and your staff are on the same page, start the informal feedback dialogue by finding employees doing great things and telling them. Giving positive acknowledgment for their work, particularly in front of their peers, will motivate your staff and build their confidence. Plus, nothing increases productivity better or faster. 

But what happens when the reverse is true – you find an employee that isn’t meeting expectations? As soon as you see an employee in need of course correction, address it immediately. On Monday, I’ll share with you how to give feedback.

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Kim Martin