Part One: WFH, You Still Need Feedback

C-Suite coach Kim Martin always has the inside track. Don’t miss her essential tips for getting the feedback that is so valuable and elusive, especially now. Join TONE Talks to learn how Tuesday, November 10th at 1 PM ET.

You are reading this because you want to be a great employee, you’re committed to your professional development and, most likely, you want to get promoted. (Don’t be modest; we all want to get promoted.)

Receiving feedback gives you the roadmap to make all the above happen, including your most important goal: Getting promoted. What is so much more challenging now is that many of you are working remotely and, as a result, your companies are likely forgoing annual performance reviews, so feedback may be extra hard to come by. Yet, with WFH and the physical distance that it creates, feedback is even more critical than ever.

I know… even just the word feedback can get our hearts racing. We all anticipate the worst; it brings out the perfectionist in us. Potentially, you believe your performance is on target, or you don’t interact with your boss often and you don’t want to bother her. It feels easier, and certainly more comfortable, not to rock the boat. 

However, if you’re going to be an outstanding employee, you must know what you are doing well and where you need to improve to grow professionally, and you cannot do that without feedback. You need to hear about your performance from the person that makes recommendations for promotions, your boss. Tomorrow I’ll share more on how to ask your boss for feedback.

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