What is YOUR X-Factor?

photo by Dziana Hasanbekava, via Pexels

In these #WFH times, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. We’re feeling frustrated, even bored of this ‘not normal’ dynamic. We hit the Covid-19 Wall

Embedded in this shared sense of dullness and fatigue, many of us often feel the absence of stimulation, purpose, and motivation. What drives you, and how do you keep it in your sights in the midst of all of this? 

As an entrepreneur, I’m always reading other entrepreneur’s posts on how to stay motivated and new ideas. I read a short article that Tony Robbins wrote about small businesses’ identifying their X-Factor to stand out in their marketplace. Here’s my take on that for millennials in the workplace today. What is your “specialness,” your X-Factor?

1. What makes you unique? What is different about you versus everyone in your department or even your company? 

2. Why do people want to work with you? What is working with you like? What desirable personality traits do you possess? 

3. What do you offer that others in your office don’t? What valuable skills do you have?

4. How do you add enormous value to your company, unlike anyone else? How are you using your uniqueness, personality, and skills to add value and contribute to your company?

Once you have the answers to the questions above (and I recommend writing them down somewhere prominent where you’ll see it often) own and demonstrate your “specialness.” Take pride in being your unique self. Help others see your value. Behave and perform consistently with your X-Factor. This is how you stand out, receive raises, promotions, and become a valuable employee at a company. 

Setting your sights on your unique X-Factor, what you have to offer in your career and what will earn you success, is an effective way to break out of the pandemic slump. Every day that you’re living through your strengths, no matter what is happening externally, you’re making something happen, and building your value as an employee, your sense of ambition, and your personal power.

You and your recharged motivation are on the way to X-cellence! 😉

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Kim Martin