Boomers: Don’t Avoid Technology, Embrace It!

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Let me share a scenario and think about how you would handle it.

You’ve just moved to a new country and it will be your new home. They don’t speak English. What do you do? 

Option 1. Don’t learn the new language; and instead, seek out others that speak English. 

Option 2. Put a half-assed effort into learning the new language, but not to the point where you have good grammar and are considered bi-lingual.

Option 3. Embrace the new language, learn it, love it, and thrive in your new environment. 

Now let’s change the scenario. You are interviewing for a new job at an amazing company that is growing rapidly and is known for treating its employees well. It is a tech company planning to go public in a couple of years. But… you aren’t totally comfortable with technology. In fact, your peers and/or staff have historically helped you out. What do you do? Most likely, you have the same options as moving to a country where you don’t speak the language: keep your head in the sand and don’t bother to learn, learn just enough to get by, or embrace the opportunity and learn as much as you can, right? 

Well, the fact of the matter is, jobs at companies like this one may not come along again. Companies hire employees that they feel will make significant contributions. It is tough to do that if you don’t feel comfortable with technology. And if you need another reason, where are companies reducing reliance on technology? NOWHERE! Regardless of how old you are, your experience with technology, or the company you work with, YOU MUST EMBRACE TECH if you have any hope of staying gainfully employed. Take free courses in-person at a nearby Apple Store, find online courses on the tech subjects you struggle with or need to know well for work, ask for one-on-one lessons with your tech savviest acquaintance, etc. Lean into it and push yourself to embrace the new culture, language, and skills.

And if you are looking for a promotion in your company, review the same options as above. What do you do? You know the formula now, right? What are you waiting for?

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