How High Could You Soar if You Loved Yourself?

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The truth is, many of us doubt ourselves from time to time. We can particularly feel this way if we don’t receive recognition for a job well done or are out of our comfort zone without support or reassurance. But even when we are reassured that we are doing an excellent job at work and receiving acknowledgment from bosses and peers, we can still doubt ourselves or feel a sense of insecurity in our careers. 

What do we do then? In this case, I suggest asking yourself some self-reflective questions to get to the root of it and uncover what can actually be done to address your self-doubt. 

Do you surround yourself with supportive work colleagues, friends, and family?  I think of these people as the ones who are eager to high-five your successes. They compliment you and cheer you on. When you think about your community, who does not fit this description? If any names come to mind, it is time to re-evaluate your relationship with them. If possible, remove them from your life. If not, maybe they’re a family member, then keep them at a distance and spend less time with those who draw from you rather than fill you up and support you. 

What if you do the above exercise and come up with no one on the non-supportive list? In fact, it seems that everyone around you, both personally and professionally, is your cheerleader. Consider, then, how you treat yourself.

Do you love yourself? Do you celebrate your achievements? Do you recognize that your success is due to your intellect and commitment to doing a good job? Do you have realistic expectations of yourself? And, do you cut yourself a break if you do a Netflix binge on a rainy weekend rather than read another business book? My guess: Something on this list is hitting a nerve. It is time to figure it out because you can never reach your potential if you don’t truly love yourself. You may be lacking confidence. Are you potentially a perfectionist, or do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome? Time to dig deep and identify what is holding you back. Find a good friend, a mentor, therapist, or coach and start the process of peeling back the emotional layers. Why do you feel this way? How is it affecting you? What would life be like if you truly and deeply loved yourself? Visualize your new life. What could you achieve? Say five things aloud that you could do. How do you feel now? What are you waiting for?
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