Why We’re ALL in Sales

Lessons Learned from Sales #1 Mantra

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You may not be familiar with that famous sales mantra, Always Be Closing, but it’s true for any position, not just one in sales. Regardless of your role in a company, you are always selling.

What are you selling? You are selling yourself. You are selling your ideas. You are selling the value you bring to your company today and what you could contribute in the future.

Take a look at this pie chart based on the research carried out by Harvey Coleman, author, and consultant to Fortune 100 companies. It shows the role Performance, Image, and Exposure play in receiving promotions and career opportunities.

Consider what percentage of your hard work and commitment contribute to your success…10%. That’s right, a lousy 10% for being a bright, diligent employee.

How can you up that? Become a good storyteller and connect with your audience. Share your accomplishments that move the company forward with your senior management and with your network. Make it a compelling story about how you improved the business and not about yourself, and that, my friend, is how you get noticed, appreciated, and promoted. Now you are selling yourself.

As Seth Godin says…

“You’re selling interesting. You’re selling possibility. You’re selling connection.”

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