The Value of Slowing Down

Life is exciting, and I want to experience it ALL.

Unfortunately, the allure of the exciting is sometimes a catch 22: I often rush through experiences because I don’t want to miss anything. However, when I am doing this, I am not fully experiencing the richness of everything happening around me. I often catch myself in too big of a hurry to fully appreciate where I am, from conversations with loved ones to meals at fabulous restaurants. 

Do you ever find yourself doing this, even though you know that relishing these moments is what makes life special? With all we have been through over the last couple of years, how can I, how can we all, do better to savor the friendships, experiences, and all that life has to offer? 

The solution for me is to SLOW down. I need to slow down the pace of my life and live in the now. Here are some of the changes that I am trying to make: In my relationships, I am listening intently to understand. I’m pausing before speaking, thinking about my message and how best to deliver it. I am appreciating the small things in life: the beautiful sunsets, delicious meals, and kind gestures. And most importantly, I am learning to be comfortable with quiet. 

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