Tackle Your Biggest Projects in 5 Steps

“Have a bias towards action — let’s see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.” — Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi, the Indian politician and stateswoman, must have made a great project manager. She realized that people need small, actionable steps to guide them to success on big projects. Projects are broken down into phases called milestones, which are a series of tasks, and as you complete each task, your bigger goal becomes accomplishable.

We can all relate to having enormous projects that we may (often) procrastinate on at some point in our lives because we don’t know where to start. Take one of your big projects and break it down into milestones. Now write the tasks or actionable steps that lead to achieving a milestone. Once you reach a milestone, move on to the next one and, eventually, you will have a road map to tackle your most significant projects.

For example, here are milestones for my goal of creating a digital course:

Create A Digital Course

Milestone 1: Determine marketplace opportunity for a course that utilizes my experience and skills.

Milestone 2: Identify and hire a company that produces and markets digital courses.

Milestone 3: Create the content.

Milestone 4: Launch the digital course.

Break It Down To Actionable Steps

Milestone 1: Determine marketplace opportunity for a course that utilizes my experience and skills.

Step 1: Identify the top-selling digital courses and platforms.

Step 2: Watch the courses and go to school on their formula for success, including content, production, and promotion.

Step 3: Create and post surveys on digital platforms to determine consumer appeal for different content ideas.

Step 4: Review survey findings and research.

Step 5: Develop a strategy and content outline for the video course.

At this point, you get the idea.

Tackling big, hairy audacious projects can feel overwhelming; therefore, to make it easier and achievable, start by breaking it down into simple, manageable tasks. Completing each step puts you closer to your overall goal and with time and persistence — you will make it happen!

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