If You Say ‘Yes’, Then Do Your Best

I follow Seth Godin, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker on success in marketing, and he recently wrote a piece that applies to so many of us.

We often commit to projects, then get apathetic or indignant along the way, many times with everyone involved rather than ourselves.

Sometimes, we adopt an attitude of, “say yes to everything to be open to new opportunities,” but in practice, this can quickly push up against our limits and necessary boundaries. Better yet, say yes when you’re SURE you can take on the opportunity/request/challenge with 100% of what you’ve got.

To sum up: Think hard about your commitments, and make sure you can deliver on what you take on. Don’t accept if it isn’t something that you are willing and capable of doing with a good attitude.

As only Seth Godin could convey, One sigh per yes.

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