Progress, Meet Patience

Seth Godin’s recent blog, The physical therapy metaphor, resonated with me as a fantastic way to describe how we should be thinking about our projects, objectives, and career plan.

Physical therapy takes time. The process is meant to strengthen, realign, or learn a physical ability. The outcome will be worth the trouble, as well reinforced by repetition and incremental improvements made along the way. 

The same is true of our path to a professional, or personal, goal. There isn’t a serum or a pill that makes it happen overnight. Bodies, and accomplishments, don’t work that way.

We must commit to the habit of consistent improvements, keeping track along the way of our successes and milestones that lead towards the final outcome. The key is patience, focus, optimism, and being able to evolve.

Take a look at Seth’s blog, and remember to put in the work every day, always moving forward, with the trust that you’re on the right path!

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