A Lesson in Decision Making Inspired by ‘The King’

My daughters recently insisted I watch The King. 

They know how much I love great dramas, mainly when based on a true story. Timothee Chalamet, equal parts Gen-Z heartthrob and timeless talent, plays Henry V, King of England, during the early 15th century. 

Shortly after becoming King, Henry V listened to the guidance of one of his experienced advisors. However, it’s eventually revealed that the advisor had his own agenda—motivated by greed and power. Henry V wanted what was best for his country and his people, and falsely assumed those around him did, too. While they won the war, many lives were lost, and he was plagued with regret.

The takeaway? When making strategic decisions with major consequences, you must gather information from trusted, valid sources and confirm the data.

We want to think that everyone has good intentions. We believe others are driven to do ‘the right thing,’ particularly when people’s livelihoods are involved. Unfortunately, we have built-in biases that we are unaware of, and we can make wrong assumptions, as in this case.

When we are looking to our teams and leaders for strategic thinking, it’s important to be mindful of what is truly in the best interest of all involved and affected. Make sure those around you have your company, department, and team’s best interest at heart rather than their own. While we are wise to seek out collaboration and other viewpoints, I encourage you to listen to your gut and aim for the best outcome for all.

Vet information, be alert for biases and unaligned agendas. Take it a step further, think about the decision and its impact from another perspective, and consider alternatives before making big decisions.
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