What’s Your Career Path?

We are coming out of the worst of Covid, and like me, you are most likely seeing the world through a different lens.

You may be looking to change your career, or maybe you are a recent college graduate deciding on your career path. Whatever goal is on your horizon, many of us feel we are re-emerging with new perspectives, challenges, and fresh eyes.

Creating or changing your career path affects the next few years of your life and, quite possibly — your entire professional life!

So, how do you choose your professional path? According to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar of the University of Miami’s Positive Psychology program, there are a couple of key questions to ask yourself.

What am I GOOD at?

What are your strengths and talents that you can bring to an employer? Which disciplines in college did you master easily and quickly?

Think of everything you excel at and have received compliments for over the years. You may want to ask your friends. Now make a list — from coding to writing and from knowing movie trivia to being a social media wiz. The bigger the list, the more options you’ll have when choosing or changing your career.

What am I PASSIONATE about?

What gives you strength, energizes you, the activities you can’t wait to do?

These can be your hobbies, particular skills, or activities you enjoy. Some examples are playing video games, mentoring more junior employees/students, public speaking, etc. Again, create a large list.

Now look for the overlap.

Where is the intersection between your strengths and your passion?

This is where you will utilize your best skills and enjoy your work. It is called “the zone.” This is when you are operating and working in the area of overlap between your talents and your passion and where you are most likely to flourish in your career. There are an enormous number of options available today, many utilizing everyday skills. How could you combine your strengths and passions? I encourage you to think about your career options differently, like putting a digital twist on your choices.

Here is an example: I excel at Canva. My passion is being creative, particularly about aesthetics. I could work in numerous industries and roles such as graphic design, marketing, social media, etc.

Dig deep, do an earnest personal audit, and commit to this process. Most importantly, get excited! You’re mapping your dream career and making a plan for success!

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