Career Blues: How to Bring Joy and Passion Back

Here we are at the end of February; it’s the beginning of the new year, and quite frankly…you are just not feeling it. Maybe it’s the post-holiday/pre-Spring slump, but your heart is not as in it as it used to be. Your responsibilities feel like the same old routine day after day. So the question is, how do we get the spark back in our work life?

Four Steps To Break Out of Your Work Rut

  1. Change your routine. Take on an explorer mindset: When you wake up, set an intention for yourself to discover newness in your day. Whether it is the route you drive to work, where you stop for coffee, how you engage with your boss, or how you conduct meetings. The goal is to make life more interesting and enjoyable for you and the people you interact with each day.
  2. Get lucky. Did you know you can actually PRACTICE attracting luck? Research by Richard Wiseman shows that people who try new things have more lucky breaks in life. Why? They experiment with new ways of doing things and become more alert to opportunities. Not every new thing you try works out, but if you keep at it, your chances of “getting lucky” are higher than someone who does the same thing day after day.
  3. Look for novelty. Are there new apps, vendors, clients, or resources you could bring to your company that would provide benefit? Imagine what you could do to help your employer and the excitement of being acknowledged for your contributions. Don’t know where to start? Look up influencers in your field on social media, listen to a new professional podcast, browse the news — these are all ways to spark inspiration and discovery and break up your regular routine.
  4. Practice gratitude. We hear this one often, but I promise it works! Whether telling someone how much you appreciate them, writing a note, or writing in a journal, all help us appreciate our lives and careers and salute those that have helped us along the way. I find that the best way to practice gratitude concretely is to make a Gratitude List in the morning. Don’t overthink it, and it can be short and sweet. Revisit it before bed and appreciate the support, comfort, and abilities that you innately have.

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