Thinking you may get laid off? Read this.

The job market isn’t as hot as it once was, and many companies are doing layoffs in light of declining revenues, so what should you do right now?

Be proactive. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile; as well as, expand your network with those in your industry and executive search firms. Think about your career goals and the next step in getting there. Now craft your 30-second elevator pitch which is what you want in your next role — not the job title but the responsibilities, and be prepared to share with everyone that you meet.

As for dealing with your current situation, no doubt, you are anxious about being downsized but try to focus on what is within your control. Be the best version of yourself in the office each day and deal with whatever happens in a classy, confident, and calm way…you’ll be remembered for it. Being laid off happens to almost everyone at some point and a better job with a more attractive package may be on the horizon.

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