An Executive Coach Who Can Work With You & Your Team

What I Offer

Remote Team Motivation

As businesses shift to remote work environments, our approach to teams needs an update. Together, we will analyze your company’s potential for structural improvement and develop a strategy to enhance overall performance, culture, and morale.

Change Management

In this dynamic, fast-paced environment, we will work together to embrace change and work through conflicts in the best interest of your company, your team, and the
customers you serve.

The Art of Feedback

Without a physical workplace and proximity, feedback is more critical than ever before. I will share best practices on asking for, giving, and receiving feedback so that you and your team can maximize performance.

Career Path Strategy

We will develop a strategy for your career - where are you now, what is your ultimate career goal, and what is the best path for you to get there? Let’s create the opportunity for you to achieve the career you desire and deserve.

Leadership Development

As we work together, I will help you access your innate leadership capabilities, create a new narrative built on your strengths, and help you identify opportunities to develop your leadership trademark.

Linchpin Mindset

We will uncover and hone your strengths and develop a strategy to become a linchpin for your company, i.e., one of the most highly valued employees. You will learn to invest in your unique skills and welcome challenges that solidify your role as an integral team member and leader.

Making Transitions Work for You

Transitions are times to put your leadership to work, elevate yourself into a new role, take on greater responsibility and accountability, learn something new, and create value. We will work together to transform your challenges into celebrations for you and your team.

Executive Communication

Communication is one of the most critical skills required in today’s complex business environment. Together, we will help you maximize opportunities for thoughtful, relevant, and trust-building communication. From zooming to emailing, we will find your authentic, professional voice.

Work/Life Balance Integration

Juggling both fulfilling professional and personal life demands is a relatable dilemma today, particularly with WFH. I will help you build awareness and learn valuable skills to live a harmonious and balanced life.