Lauren Koenig, CEO of Travel With Interesting People (TWIP)

“As the CEO and co-founder of a tech start-up, TWIP, I value that Kim has a complete understanding of the complex sales process a company can go through, and she helped me refine my client communication and sales presentations to better understand our clients’ businesses and challenges. Not only did my company and I benefit substantially from working with Kim, but she is a deeply passionate, positive, and intelligent woman that my team and I enjoyed spending time with.”


Melinda L., President, Media Networks at Stage TEN

"I had the privilege to work for Kim while she was the Chief Strategy Officer at Meredith Corp. Her drive for excellence and her exemplary leadership style was an inspiration to her teams and those around her. Kim's empathetic, giving, supportive, yet action oriented nature and real world savvy differentiates her from all other leaders I've come across. As an executive coach for women, she authentically draws from these expertise and experiences which are integral in developing other women executives. Kim is a rare find- as a C-level Executive, Executive Coach and all around great human being."

cropped gemma toner

Gemma Toner, CEO of Tone Networks

“Kim has the attributes of a powerful executive coach - credibility, authenticity, connection, honesty, experience, and intent. Plus, she has an extensive working knowledge of how to grow and operate businesses. I have been able to discuss everything from market strategy to establishing an advisory board with her. Most importantly, she has been an objective point of view who has my best interest as her goal. I would highly recommend Kim for coaching and development for all different levels of executives.”


Leigh Primack, Major & Strategic Account Executive at Wolters Kluwer

“I have known Kim since her days at AMC Networks and today, I am fortunate to utilize her skills as a coach. Kim is one-of-a-kind. She is extremely kind, compassionate, smart, hardworking, and truly cares about the people and companies she works with. I take Kim’s advice as the ‘gold standard.’ She has provided me with the highest level of coaching and honesty one can ever ask for. I personally feel fortunate to have Kim work with me on my career journey.”


Jaleel Brown, Digital Sales Ops Manager at Condé Nast

"I have had the pleasure of being coached by Kim Martin since November 2019. She has been invaluable to me and has been instrumental in helping me define my career advancement path. She brings an incredibly dedicated, authentic, and knowledgeable perspective to each coaching session. Her advice has always been spot-on, likely because Kim has led at the highest levels herself, and has personally navigated many of the challenges she’s helped me overcome. Over the course of our relationship, Kim has helped me lead through change and turmoil, navigate difficult conversations, and manage employee transitions. From day one, she has shown remarkable attention to detail and catered our coaching sessions to my specific role, situation, and specialty. She has been meticulous in identifying and assessing areas of growth and ensuring that I’m hitting consistent benchmarks. As I continue to grow and excel in my role, I can’t help but attribute much of this success to Kim’s coaching and continued dedication."

linkedin headshot

Alissa Tripodoro, Global Ecommerce Associate at Bobbi Brown

"Kim is an unbelievable executive coach. I began working with Kim while trying to transition to a new role after my first job out of college. She helped me to outline a course of action and navigate the job search process, which was extremely valuable to me. She is extremely kind, energetic, hard-working, and optimistic. She genuinely believes in her clients, and her positivity pushed me to strive towards my goals. She is knowledgeable across industries and I really value all that I have learned from her. I look forward to continuing to work with Kim throughout my career!"