If you are one of the millions of working women taking trains, buses or subways to work each day, I doubt that you have this view. It certainly would make the commute better, but since you don’t, here’s a handy dandy list of commuting essentials:

  • Big yet lightweight bag to hold your shit 
  • Water bottle…with water in it
  • Comfy shoes that you would be caught dead in
  • Umbrella that actually works
  • Portable charger…that is charged
  • Hand sanitizer, don’t ask
  • Two subway cards – you know you always lose one
  • Breath strips or mints, share with seat mates when needed
  • Gas-X, ditch the box but put a few in a pill jar, along with Tylenol
  • Feminine stuff, you know what I mean
  • Chapstick and never share, that would be gross
  • Snack, something you love and most people hate so you don’t have to share. I eat prunes. 

Kim Martin