Part Seven: Feedback for the Boss

Now let’s address the tough one, feedback for your boss. A trick is to apply the same approach to feedback that we just reviewed for employees. 

Let’s say your boss has given you a big project, and she has a habit of not doing regular check-ins nor being available for your questions. You could say, “Theresa, I appreciate that you assigned the strategic planning project to me. I know how important this is to you and the company, and I want to do a thorough job. I would like to ask that we schedule weekly meetings/zooms to review. I want to understand your thinking and ask questions throughout the process. How does that work for you?” Pause, let her answer. Make sure to end the conversation with your appreciation, saying something like, “Great, thank you for your on-going support.” 

Again, most bosses will be comfortable with receiving feedback like this because you are asking for what you need to be successful, which, of course, also benefits them and the company. Also, take a moment to notice that I avoid yes/no questions. Instead, keep your questions open-ended so you can have a dialogue as in “How does that work for you?” 

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about asking for a raise…YEAH!

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Kim Martin