5 Things Every Badass Boss Babe Needs

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  1. True Blue Best Friend: What qualifies as true blue and not just best? A true blue best friend is someone who is always there for you without judgment. They love and support you for who you are with no ulterior motive. They listen to you complain and cry as a companion without offering advice…unless you ask. And whether you are around or not, you know that they always have your back and say good things about you. This person allows you to let down your guard and always be your true authentic self. We all need a true blue best friend in our life.
  2. Personal Shopper: I know it sounds so “rich bitch”… but honestly, who wants to go shopping after a 10-hour workday?!? (And sometimes that’s the life when you are focused on getting ahead in your career.) Most upscale department stores supply personal shoppers/stylists free of charge. Their role in your life is to save you the hassle of shopping, confirm that you are on-trend, and streamline styling for work and events. Plus, they’ll alert you to sales and pull your sizes. Who in their right mind would pass on a free service when it saves you time, money and reduces your stress?
  3. Mentor: Having a more seasoned and experienced executive who can guide and mentor you is one of the secrets to shortcut your path through the executive ranks. You want to identify someone in your industry that is well-connected and that you could learn from. Ultimately, you want to develop an honest and trusting relationship where your career growth is the priority. Be strategic in your choice. I once made a misstep on my initial outreach (see my Real Women Support Other Women blog), and it took me a while to dip my toe in the mentor waters again.
  4. Medical Support Staff (Internist/Gyno/Derm): To be successful, we need to be healthy. That requires an annual check-up with each of your Medical Support Staff and having them on speed dial when you are not. No ifs, ands, or buts on this one! Don’t delay, as the good ones are tough to nail down if you only pursue them when you have an emergency.
  5. Hobbies: You need a life away from your job, so choose hobbies unrelated to your work. I love Sauvignon Blancs, modern country music, B&Bs, and spin classes, and I partake in all of these interests every chance I can. They all make me happy. Explore your personal hobbies and interests. It helps you relax, connect with your genuine self… and, if nothing else, it makes you a much more interesting conversation!

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