Investment Basics Made Simple

Growing up, investing was never a topic of discussion in my household. We talked politics, not portfolios. But as I hit the milestone of turning 30, a realization struck me—I needed to take charge of my financial future. This realization led me to a brief yet enlightening experience at a financial planning firm. I started as a consistent saver and became a knowledgeable investor. While the job itself might not have ignited a passion within me, I’m truly grateful for the invaluable financial education I received.

While the world of investing can seem intimidating, it’s crucial to push yourself to learn the basics to secure your financial future. Unfortunately, this proactive attitude towards investing is often lacking, particularly among women. But you have the power to defy that trend—don’t let yourself fall into that trap.

I recently discovered an excellent financial literacy podcast that I’m excited to share with you—the Rich Habits Podcast. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Austin Hankwitz, a young and savvy investor, and Robert Croak, a seasoned entrepreneur, the podcast delves into fundamental investment concepts such as stocks, bonds, and Treasury Bills, as well as more advanced topics like REITs and rental properties. 

However, what truly sets this podcast apart is its exploration of the behavioral patterns and habits that are common among wealthy individuals, including titans like Warren Buffet. Understanding these nuances is a pivotal piece of the puzzle, as building wealth involves more than just theoretical knowledge. Each episode, lasting a power-packed 20 minutes, is readily available on platforms like Apple and Spotify.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Kim Martin