Why the Time to Change Jobs is NOW

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Are you at a place in your career where you’ve mastered your job and are ready to take on more and grow your skill set? Odds are, it is not going to happen for you in your current role. I know, we’re in this weird time when everyone is working from home and many of your friends don’t even have jobs. 

Surprisingly, it is a perfect time to get your butt in gear and start the process of changing jobs.

Hesitating? Don’t!

I know how you are probably feeling: You’re proud of having worked hard to support your company and becoming successful. You appreciate the recognition you’ve received. You probably like the people you work with, and enjoy the Friday afternoon Zoom happy hours. You may even have a good relationship with your boss, and you appreciate that, knowing what the reverse situation could be. You are feeling comfortable, and maybe even a little guilty to be looking for something else. Well, the best time to make a move is when you are doing well in your role. You have a solid list of accomplishments to share; You are confident and feeling optimistic. This is when you present yourself best. You’re ready to make moves.

“There is no passion to be found in playing small — in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.” — Nelson Mandela

Own Your Career

You owe it to yourself to find opportunities that allow you to stretch and grow to achieve your potential. I call this owning your career. Staying comfortable and embracing the status quo does the opposite of this. Companies are always looking for great employees. If you are an outstanding employee, then other companies will eagerly hire you at a potentially higher level, which often means additional compensation, too. Only one person is looking out for you in your career, and that’s you! 

Take it From Me

As long as you’ve been at your current job for at least 18 months, done great work, and remained positive and supportive, your current employer has it in their best interest to provide the same to you upon leaving. They just may hire you back one day…it happened to me. I worked at Discovery for a few years and left when I married and moved out of state. A few years later, Discovery opened a regional office and asked me to come back and run it at the next level up and with higher compensation.

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